The Arizona Inn has been family owned and operated since its creation in 1930 by Isabella Greenway, Arizona’s first Congresswoman and a lifelong friend of Eleanor Roosevelt. The Inn was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.

Isabella built the Inn for its own sake and also to help disabled World War I veterans preserve their jobs in her philanthropically inspired furniture shop, “The Arizona Hut”. When the shop ran into financial trouble following the stock market crash of 1929, Isabella characteristically rose to the occasion and built the Arizona Inn as a way to create enough demand to keep the shop going.

Today the Inn keeps an onsite cabinet-making shop. A master craftsman restores original “Hut” furniture and creates fine new custom furniture as well – all of which can be found throughout the hotel. The spirit, style and history of the Inn are kept alive in this way (and in many others).

Since 1930 four generations of the Greenway family have lovingly protected, renovated and restored the Arizona Inn, which has become a world-renowned resort. Guests today find an Inn that feels like a family’s country estate, a sophisticated desert retreat which continues, after eight decades, to fulfill Isabella Greenway’s excellent, long ago promise of privacy, quiet and sunshine.

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